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Something magical happens when two supporting energies come together. Our senses and abilities become amplified. We gain access to more data and information than we ever could on our own. 

This is exactly why we've created THE SCHOOL OF MAGIC!


What magic do you have within you? What magic can you unlock by coming together with other magical beings, working towards their own discovery?

Join us in circle and we will find out as we explore the mysteries of the multiverse together!

"The School of Magic continually expands my mind with possibility. It is a safe, supportive space of like minded people to connect with and thought provoking, energy expanding journeys and intuitive insights. Amanda and Leslie inspire you to look within to become your most authentic self, to discover your latent talents, and to bring in to your reality all that you want to experience in this earth lifetime."


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30 Day challenge to help you align to all that you came here to be!
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The School of Magic

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We are building a team of magical people, The Game Changers. These are the people who already know how powerful their impact is and they want to use it to transform their own lives and the world around them.

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